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My Story


Eight years ago, I was broken. 

On the outside I painted an incredible picture of who I was; a great career, appearance, and relationships that many would die for. On the inside, I was hurting.

I struggled with binge eating, purging, & other addictions from the age of 11.


Into my adulthood, I chronically repeated cycles of self-sabotage: dark thoughts led to binge eating and other harmful addictions; I relied on other people for my self-worth; and I felt alone. Each obsession that I had would transfer to the next, whether it was with my thoughts, food, my body, success in the workplace, men, or other. 

I became a master at suppressing emotions and perfecting my outward life in order to hide my inner pain. My only coping mechanism was to work harder. My life revolved around the effort to maintain control, and the shame of inevitable failure. Though I was “in recovery,” I wasn’t free to be myself.

Every so often I would lash out in an uncontrollable anger towards my family and friends, to a point where even I couldn't recognize myself.


​I blamed my circumstances growing up for my inner condition.

Eventually I reached a point where I didn't want to hurt anymore, but I had nowhere to go. I had already tried the hyper-productive lifestyle and wasn't any happier. I tried new diets, meditation, exercises, and talk therapy—but nothing stuck.

I secretly knew that no external solution would give me what I was looking for, but I was scared to look inward, and find out who I truly was. I truthfully did not know how to heal.

Then I met a woman who guided me through my inward journey of personal freedom. I was taught a set of tools that helped me overcome my childhood trauma, heal relationships that were destroyed, forgive my family, restore my connection to my body, and handle life's challenges with grace. 

While mentoring others through the same steps I had taken, I continued to search out new ways to further my own healing & growth.

Spiritual and emotional techniques helped me overcome compulsive patterns, press past difficult emotions and blocks, build strength and confidence, and discover more of who I am.

Emotional clearing tools helped me unpack societal and parental conditioning and allowed me to align with my truth, find my voice, and remove years of emotional baggage. 

The Spiral helped me to completely unravel my psyche, unlearn a lifetime of stories and negative beliefs, and awaken my creative potential.

And nutrition solutions gave me the energy, mental clarity, and body connection I was praying for. They healed me of chronic health issues, removed my mental fog, and helped me better manage stress and feel the best I ever have. 

Today I love who I am. While I am still human, I am completely free. I have peace of mind, incredible relationships, and a healthy & strong body. My life matches who I am. Saying YES to this journey has allowed me to step into my power, find my truth, and express myself with complete vibrancy. 

As I’ve met and worked with others, I’ve seen that that all of us who are burdened by compulsive behaviours are also trapped by unaddressed fears, trauma, and stress—we find ourselves stuck in survival mode, distracted by an endless cycle of fighting addictions.

We feel at odds with the person we wish to be. We face chronic unhappiness, unfulfillment, guilt, shame, isolation, and a lack of self-worth. We create new obsessions and dependencies around our bodies, work, or relationships. We struggle to admit what we truly want in life and lack the energy to chase our dreams. 

But this doesn’t have to be our reality.


I'm here to help you see that, like me, you can do this thing.

I’ve combined everything I’ve learned from my own journey into a practice of Recovery that heals our most deeply-rooted triggers and grants us true freedom in life.

Through tailored programs, we will: 

  • Recover from obsessive patterns like binge eating, lashing out, self harm, or alcohol / sexual / financial abuse

  • Find and clear limiting beliefs and break through walls

  • Restore our connection to our body's voice 

  • Unearth new energy & clarity through nutrition & personal growth

  • Orient your life around who you are & your deepest desires

  • Connect you with others on this path in an incredible community 

Together we will liberate you from your compulsions. We will align you with your life’s purpose and find more peace, joy, and love in this world.

I am sharing this powerful modality with other souls ready for their own freedom.

I'm here to help you see that you can do this thing too.



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