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Overcome compulsive patterns, break free from emotional blocks, unleash your voice and live with more joy

Welcome to Your Rise

Imagine unleashing your creative dreams

Breaking free from compulsive, obsessive patterns for good

Imagine using your voice in a way that is authentically you


In Recover & Rise, this will happen, and more !

Have you tried controlling patterns that leave you feeling stuck, yet they still creep up over time?

Chronic patterns like binge eating, anxious thoughts, procrastination, social media, or toxic relationships create chronic low self esteem, distrust in ourselves, feeling dissatisfied and a lack of purpose and drive. Without addressing these patterns we may never fully step into our power, and our dreams.

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9 years ago I probably would have given someone a million dollars if they could promise me I'd stop binge eating. I would have also probably told them to F*CK off because I didn't want their support. 

The truth is that I never knew why I did it. And yet there I was, 10 feet deep in that box of cookies and over the toilet bowl. 

Society misunderstood. I heard constantly, "you're so beautiful already, why feel the need?" "You're so smart, why?" 

I never could answer these questions, and I felt inadequate that I didn't have the will power to will this thing away. 

I blamed it on my past trauma and yet I brought it into my future. The shame, guilt, and remorse I felt daily affected all of my relationships and my work. 

For me, bingeing was a cycle kept in motion as a coping mechanism for life. It was my outlet. 

To say that I'm recovered, and have helped countless others over the last 9 years also recover is a wholesale miracle. 

This 12 week group coaching program will include:

 12 group sessions with Julia

 12 modules with tools and teachings in a take home workbook

Private Facebook community 

8 one: one sessions to clear emotional blocks and limiting beliefs


Bonus meditations, movement videos, and content 

Guest speakers 

Optional nutrition system to provide mental clarity, reduce stress and improve overall wellbeing

Schedule your 45 min free clarity session below to get clear on what's keeping you stuck, your goals, and what's possible for you over the next 90 days. 

By booking this call, you agree to:

  • Show up and honor your appointment time that we are setting aside for you

  • ​Take this call in a quiet and undisturbed place

  • ​Come prepared by filling out your pre-call questionnaire, below

  • ​Bring your FULL self to the call: your attention, your honesty, your desires, and your challenges

  • Together we will help you uncover your deepest dreams, and what's holding you back from achieving them

Your Rise Program Application

Kind Words


I really never considered my relationship around food or the way I behaved in relationships meaning parental, lovers, kids as an addiction, I never really understood addiction until I started to work with Julia. My eldest son died just less than 2 years ago from an overdose and my worlds on the inner and outer crashed and changed. All my shit came to the surface; all my old ways of being and coping came alive and nothing I had learned before in the way of 25 years of self development was working and I was a mess. Full on depression, binge eating, codependent and afraid to do anything, completely stuck and at a standstill. I reached out to Julia when I saw a post of hers talking about her own addictions around food, her connection to Spirit and the new program she had created. We talked and I knew I wanted in. We have been working together on all things, my relationship to food, my relationship with others, my relationship with myself and my relationship with Spirit. My ways of relating to all the above has drastically transformed. I feel more alive and excited, it hasn’t been easy Im not gonna lie it takes commitment and action and honesty. I have felt held and guided in every way by Julia and her love. If you're thinking of working with her it is more than worth it. It has been the best and most profound journey I have ever been on and am continuing on, and I look forward to supporting others in this same way.

- Isobel Pennell,  California 

I felt stuck, I had some patterns that I wanted to change, I wanted to feel more joy and connection, to be more present in my life and get back in touch with my true self/ inner voice.

Since the moment I met Julia, we were aligned. She spoke my language: an elite athlete, in recovery, bulletproof faith, and I knew I could learn some freedom from her childlike innocence. I grew closer with my daughter by connecting with my inner child. I began to have fun with my children. I had just left a 13 year marriage and was a single mom with a ton of responsibility on my shoulders. Taylor, unfortunately, bore the brunt of my fear. We started again, we began to heal together. Many of my limiting beliefs were based on feelings of fear and unworthiness. I identified a desired state of "being" that was more aligned with my true nature. I found my childlike joy again. I learned (it took work) to "play" with my kids. To "let go" of some of the responsibility that was weighing so heavily upon my shoulders.

I now have incredible relationships with both kids, I'm healing my inner child and woman, I'm building an empire, becoming a leader in my biz and starting my own coaching career....simply, I gained confidence in the amazing woman I have ALWAYS been.

- Sara Goggin Young, Chicago 

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LET GO of the patterns that block us from being happy, and free. Release decade's old hurts, fears, resentments, childhood wounds and traumas.  

 DISCOVER the tools required to RECOVER from obsessive or compulsive patterns that keep us small, such as binge eating, tv, distraction, toxic relationships and more


✔ TAP INTO an Inner Power that will heal, guide, and free us. Learn how to communicate with our Inner Energy to find peace of mind and joy.

EMBRACE your depth, desire and passion. Find purpose, and gain a clearer vision of your life. 

EMBODY your truth, free your voice, and essence. Feel safe and powerful being yourself 

CONNECT with a private community on the same path. Lead the way for others around you to journey deeper.

PLAY! Find life getting lighter, less serious, with joy as the centre of our being. 

If you feel it's also time to address patterns that hold you back, and time to step into your authentic self, your power and speak our truth, then this program is for you. 

If it's your time to recover, release feelings of low self esteem, and reclaim our voice and power, fill out the form below to apply for this 11 - week program.

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