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Recover from Compulsive
Eating Patterns

Online Webinar


Do you fall into negative thoughts or bingeing cycles

Do you find yourself knowing you shouldn't take that next bite but find you cannot stop

Have you tried to avoid sugar altogether but still fall into unhealthy patterns?

Do you wonder why you stay stuck in these patterns?


Do you wonder why you feel sad, depressed and anxious?

Do you fall into body shame or self hate tendencies

Would you like to learn how to recover?


If you answered yes to any of the above, I'm so glad you're here. My name is Julia and I am a Health and Recovery Coach. In this webinar I'll be sharing how recovery from compulsive patterns is POSSIBLE. I struggled for years with my eating and mindset patterns. You will be able to identify the mindsets that precede a binge, learn the tools necessary to RECOVER, tap into your inner confidence and RECLAIM your voice. 

Join in on May 25th to:

✓ Gain CLARITY about the patterns, emotions and beliefs that lead to a binge 

✓ Learn WHY we fall into obsessive patterns, or a depressive rut

✓ Learn HOW to finally stop this pattern and recover

✓ Feel CONNECTED to your body & 
live with mental FREEDOM


✓ Be EMPOWERED to overcome the challenges & emotions we face

✓ Learn how to DEEPEN your relationship with yourself & others 


Register below, and details to join will be sent to your email.

Julia Simone is a Full-Time Health & Recovery Coach. Having recovered from her eating disorder at a young age, Julia supports other young women in their recovery journeys.


She brings her 8 years of experience supporting people in achieving their mental, emotional and physical wellness.


She helps individuals break addictive and limiting patterns in order to step into greater confidence and empowered action.


She believes that movement, nutrition, and mindset are the essentials to thrive, and is the founder of Active Recovery, an online fitness platform that celebrates the joy of movement.





Recovery Webinar
Recovery Webinar
May 25, 2020, 7:00 PM
$30 Webinar
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