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Who is Julia Simone?

Julia Simone is a multi-talented Singer, Songwriter, and Recovery Practitioner, who's music and work explores what it means to be human. Largely influenced by her journey healing from addiction & trauma, her time living in nature and learning from indigenous elders of the Sierra Nevada, Julia’s art & programs explore how to heal. Her soulful lyrics and melodies cut through layered live instruments and rhythms in a way that draws us into her lived experiences.

The Singer has shared her gift across borders, having opened for the talented Eva Peroni in the Fall 2023 and performing as an in-residence Singer for 7 weeks for Casa Loma in Santa Marta, Colombia. She recently played for Sofar Sounds in Toronto, and is working on the visual storytelling and dance of her first music project, Secrets.

Over the last decade, Julia has supported hundreds of people heal trauma and overcome patterns of addiction through private mentorship and group programs.  She is the Founder of Embodied Movement, a mindful movement program, and Recover & Rise, a recovery program for addictive patterns. Her programs help people process emotions & trauma and connect to their bodies.

“I first heard about Emotional Clearing from watching an interview with Robert Kiyosaki on London Real. I was very intrigued to know how this worked. I found out that Julia Simone was a Emotional Clearing practitioner and decided to see what this could do for me. I was amazed at how much emotional baggage she was able to uncover and tackle during our time and I was amazed how the weight of the world seem to lift from my chest. I now feel more clear and focused on my desires to become my greatest self and I am now more willing to take massive action to achieve my goals.  I highly recommend Julia- she is awesome, caring, and you can see that helping people achieve success means the world to her."

Spiros, CA

Embodied Movement

A Mindful Movement Program for Healthy Joints, and
Embodied Confidence

A series of mindful mobility classes, and embodiment tools that will teach you how to relieve stress and tension in the body and tap into the body's voice so that you can move with confidence. These movements require little equipment, and are for all ages and skill levels, anywhere in the world.


Recover & Rise

Are you ready to step into the life you deserve? 

Our distraction patterns (binge eating, social media, overowkring, drugs, etc) can get in the way of creating the life we are passionate about. Through my own recovery from trauma & addictive patterns, having training with leading teachers globally, and working with hundreds of people over the last 10 years, I discovered the tools to help people heal from their past and step into who they are.This program is going to provide you with the somatic tools to recover from addictive patterns and tap into your authentic self!


The Spiral


What would change if you finally got out of your own way? 

This 1:1 program gives you the support to clear the emotional blocks and conditioning (grief, shame, guilt, etc) that stand in the way of our authentic voice, gifts, and creativity. Expect to radically improve your relationships, your creativity and career goals by improving your relationship with yourself.


Contact Julia

Would you like to learn if working together is right for you? 


Julia offers a free connection call to help you outline your goals and discover if working together can help you to navigate your life in a deeper more authentic way, and create more joy and love in your life.

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Secrets, the Album
by Julia Simone

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