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The Art of Being

Find your voice, connect with your body, discover a way of being that is authentically you, and live free. 

What would life look like if you could release compulsive patterns & trauma, and feel confident in who you are?

It’s who you’re Being that determines your quality of life, the results you’re producing, the mood you’re living in, and your ability to dance with the magic in the world. 

As a Health & Recovery Coach I help your body recover from stress, release the physical and emotional blocks that stand in the way of a life of purpose, heal your body physically, sexually and emotionally, and rearrange your inner world so you can enjoy your life, career and relationships.

The Spiral


What would change if you finally got out of your own way?

Clear a lifetime of emotional conditioning to make space for your authentic voice, gifts, and creativity.


Nutrition Solutions

Unlock your limitless potential. Life is better when you feel better.
Have whole-body health and total peace of mind through shifts in nutrition and incorporating superfoods.

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Private Coaching


Feel more ease, confidence and joy in your body. Recover from binge eating and other compulsive patterns. Release cycles of trauma & pain and step into your creative gifts.


Recover & Rise

What would life look like if you had the tools to break free from compulsive patterns?

Overcome compulsive patterns, break free from emotional blocks, unleash your voice and live with more joy!

Income Opportunity


Recession Proof Your Income & Step into the Lifestyle of your Dreams!

The Isagenix opportunity was the answer to my prayers.

Be YOU, Feel Liberated

When you can rearrange your inner world, the world around you changes.  


I help people have a spiritual experience that can then, in turn, help you navigate your life in a deeper more authentic way, live free of obsessive thinking & other compulsions, find your purpose and create more joy and love in your life.

Together, we will:

  • Heal addictive or compulsive patterns that block you from your purpose and your creativity

  • Give you the tools to connect with your body

  • Support your body with nutrition, to feel your best

  • Release emotions, trauma or pain that hold you back 

  • Build the tools to overcome fear driven behaviours

  • Find balance and peace of mind 

  • Create intimate relationships with yourself and others

  • Hold boundaries 

  • Speak your truth

The tools I teach are the FOUNDATION for a life of physical, emotional and spiritual freedom. 

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“This year has been nothing short of amazing, and I cannot thank Julia enough for putting me through the Spiral and being such an incredible guide. 


Pre-spiral, I was confused about the direction of my life and I felt stuck. I was unable to process and let go of a lot of heavy emotions and memories from my past, which greatly affected my self-esteem, personal relationships, and professional life. With Julia’s help, I was able to move past my own emotional blockages and many of the limiting beliefs I had about myself and the world around me.


Going through the Spiral has allowed me to reconnect with parts of myself that were long lost. I was able to improve many of my personal relationships, including the ones with my family and my partner. Working with Julia also helped me find what I want to pursue in my professional life. I finally had the courage to follow through on a business idea, which I officially launched in September!


Working with Julia has left a tremendous imprint on my life. I will continue working on my personal growth by using the principles of emotional clearing. I am also looking forward to getting myself certified as a Spiral Practitioner myself, so I can pass on this beautiful tool to the rest of the world.”

- Liza 


“I first heard about Emotional Clearing from watching an interview with Robert Kiyosaki on London Real. I was very intrigued to know how this worked. I found out that Julia Simone was a Emotional Clearing practitioner and decided to see what this could do for me. I was amazed at how much emotional baggage she was able to uncover and tackle during our time and I was amazed how the weight of the world seem to lift from my chest. I now feel more clear and focused on my desires to become my greatest self and I am now more willing to take massive action to achieve my goals.  I highly recommend Julia- she is awesome, caring, and you can see that helping people achieve success means the world to her."


- Spiros 

"Julia's patience and commitment to helping me heal provided me a safe environment to open up and address decade's old hurts and pain that were buried deep. She provided me with the tools to recognize the triggers and how to address them."

- R.F 

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